Setting a WordPress site in local development environment.

Well here I am going to tell about how to setup a fresh WordPress site . I will assume that you know how to handle WAMP server and can use MySql.

All the steps in this article are for wamp server and local development environment.

All you need is working WAMP server. And a latest WordPress setup files package downloaded from

First locate the directory wamp/www on drive where you have installed wamp server. Extract the zip downloaded from WordPress site to this directory. Now you have WordPress directory ready to set up as new site.
Rename this directory to your sites name.

Next step, create a database in MySql (Give it a proper name).

Now its time to install site. Open your favorite browser and hit url localhost/your-site-name

It will bring up screen where installation precess will guide you through simple instructions. Fill up information like:

  1. Database name you recently created
  2.  Database user name
  3. Password
  4. Database host name ( localhost)

In further steps you need to fill in details:

  1. Site name
  2. Admin user name
  3. Password
  4. Email for admin purpose.

When you have filled in all data, installation script will setup WordPress site for you.

Or you can setup by putting these details in wp-config file.

Some things to remember:

wp-config file for local site setup is not useful for server setup when you go live with your local setup.
Same story for .htaccess file; don’t upload a local .htaccess file on server.
If you use any version control tool, don’t push wp-config and htaccess files to repository. Best way add them to gitignore list.